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News Leading Metal Treatment Service Provider

At Portsmouth Aviation, we are proud to have one of the largest metal treatment facilities in the South of England. We have been in operation for over 90 years and as a family-owned business pride ourselves in offering a number of engineering solutions.

Portsmouth Aviation is a leading engineering solutions provider situated in the heart of Portsmouth, Hampshire UK. We offer a wide range of precision engineering services and work closely with all of our clients to provide tailor-made solutions to their engineering issues.

An Introduction To Metal Treatment

At Portsmouth Aviation we have over 90 years of experience in providing high-quality metal treatment services. We take a partnership approach to all of our projects, we will keep in touch every step of the way. Working closely with all of our clients means that our offerings are bespoke and tailored to our client’s exact needs, which is something we are extremely proud of.

We carry out comprehensive in-house testing on all of our products, services, materials and machinery, which means you can feel confident that you’ll be getting a job well done. This allows all of our services to be as efficient as possible. This efficiently means that all of our services are as cost-effective as possible, allowing savings to be passed onto our clients every step of the way.

With a team of very talented engineers and a range of in-house equipment, we’re able to cater to the majority of clients’ needs when it comes to metal treatments. As one of the largest metal treatment facilities in the South of England, we offer a full range of metal treatment services, for projects of all sizes.

The services we offer include, protection from corrosion enabling materials and structures with required strengths and physical characteristics to operate without damage in a diverse range of environments. Some surface treatments offer both physical improvements in the material’s strength and wear characteristics as well as offering decorative and pleasing surface finishes. 

Surface treatments can offer the ability to utilise sterilisation and cleaning techniques on components without component damage. We test our services regularly to ensure that they are working safely and efficiently – we have in-house facilities that allow us to do this to a high standard. This means that you can be sure that once you commit to working with us on a project, your whole project is in safe hands from start to finish.

What Metal Treatment Services Does Portsmouth Aviation Provide?

As a company that has one of the largest facilities for metal treatment in the South of England, it will come as no surprise that we offer a huge range of treatment services.

Our range of Metal Finishing Treatment services:

  • Sulphuric Anodising
  • Chromic Anodising
  • Nitric Acid Passivation
  • Alocrom 1200
  • Zinc Plating
  • Cadmium Plating
  • Iridite NCP
  • Wet paint systems and powder coat systems

A majority of metal finishing treatments have a strict level of health and safety requirements in place. As per our recent NADCAP accreditation, we are pleased to have all of these in place to a strict industry standard.

Our range of Metal Coating Services:

Zinc Plating

Zinc plating provides a robust, cost-effective coating for use on susceptible materials in corrosive and difficult environments. These could be utilised in marine, construction or transport industries, amongst many others.

One advantage of using zinc plating is that it offers a good surface for further applications of paint or powder coatings. When used on steel it offers a suitable position within the galvanic series to be able to provide a sacrificial coating to protect against structural corrosion.

Alocrom 1200

Alocrom 1200 is a chromate conversion coating. Also known as alodine coating, this surface coating is used to passivate metals, including aluminium, magnesium, steel, cadmium, copper and titanium, amongst others.

This is a suitable coating for the economic protection from corrosion of mass-produced items, the majority of items coated by this process are left with an attractive green/yellow metallic colour due to the content of hexavalent chromium. This is often preferred over the colour of the base metals it is applied to.



Anodising is a surface finish used to impart both physical wear and strength improvements to aluminium components, as well as aesthetically pleasing finishes. Components treated in this way can be further dyed to a vast range of iridescent or matt colours. This is achieved by increasing the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the aluminium. Other materials including magnesium and titanium can be surface treated by anodisation. This surface treatment can be performed in conjunction with a chromate conversion treatment, offering specific properties, such as increased electrical conductivity.

Iridite NCP

Surface processing by iridite NCP has the benefits of providing a safe, environmentally sound, passivation coating, free of chromium. It provides an extremely corrosion-resistant surface, suitable as a final finish, or as a base for further decorative coatings.

Nitric Acid Passivation

Nitric acid passivation provides a passivation technique for machined stainless steel to remove free iron from its surface and enables a thin tough oxide layer to be formed, maximising the materials’ inherent corrosion resistance. This is especially useful on less corrosion resistant martensitic and ferritic stainless steels.

What Bespoke Metal Finishing Services Does Portsmouth Aviation Provide?

As well as offering a full range of metal treatment services, we also offer bespoke finishes. We welcome you to get in touch at any stage of your project to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to work out a plan of action with you.

One of the bespoke treatments we offer is powder coating, which is available for a wide range of metal components. Powder coating is often preferred to conventional painting methods because it has much less wastage. This allows us to use less material and therefore makes the whole process much more cost-effective – allowing us to pass these savings onto you. As well as being much quicker than traditional painting methods it is also much more environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for a bespoke finishing of metal or any other material, we are able to offer painting, shot-blasting and spraying. This allows us to ensure that we have the painting method suitable to cater for a number of customers’ needs. The painting we can offer could be used for vacuum blasting, zinc metal spraying, pre-coat preparation and even specialised masking. All of the bespoke painting services we offer are carried out in-house within our purpose-built buildings and are all done in environmentally controlled environments.

Is Portsmouth Aviation Accredited?

At Portsmouth Aviation, we have a large in-house laboratory that we use to carry out tests on all of our services and materials. This allows us to ensure that we are continuously offering metal treatments to a high standard to meet the requirements of every client.

We have a number of our own company approvals including AS 9100 Rev.D, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015. All metal finishing treatments are approved by a number of primes including Britten-Norman Aircraft Ltd, Augusta Westland and BAE Systems.

Our engineers are all trained to a high standard with a number of years of experience in relevant industries. We welcome you to ask any questions about our services and processes and will always be happy to help as much as possible.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure of the right direction to take your engineering project, because we’re here to help. We have a talented team of designers, engineers, specialists and experts who are on hand to help give you advice on any part of your project. Whether you’ve just started out or you’re partway through and you’ve come across an issue, we’d be glad to assist you. Our friendly and industry experts are on hand, so get in touch today for information on how we can help your project run as smoothly as possible.