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The largest and best-equipped paint and finishing facility in the South.

Portsmouth Aviation has provided high-quality, close-tolerance metal finishing services for more than 60 years. We boast one of the largest and best-equipped metal treatment facilities in the South and are accredited with all relevant quality approvals.

High quality metal finishing services

We are committed to providing the highest level of service whilst running comprehensive in-house testing on all of our products to ensure that all components are blasted, coated and painted to your precise specifications.

Our services include:

Surface Coating                        


Shot Blasting

With our 6 metre long, 3.5 metre wide, Shot Blast unit we are capable of superb metal cleaning and high-quality preparation for any subsequent finishing coatings such as Thermal Spray, Powder Coat or various wet paint finishes. With surface profile inspections and comparator checks, we can ensure all work is completed to the required specification.


Powder coating

This is a process which involves the application of paint, which starts as a powder, and is applied electrostatically to a substrate. It is then stoved in an oven, where it cures and produces a strong, durable coating, that provides excellent corrosion resistance.

We have a fully equipped powder coating facility, with experience in a range of sectors including defence, industrial, marine and aerospace. We have also recently been working on Anti-Bacterial coatings for the medical industry. We carry a large stock of standard colours, but specialist colours, gloss levels and textures can also be applied.

Thermal spray

This is a process that uses an electric arc to melt two wires fed to a pistol, which is atomised with compressed air to create a coating that apples onto the substrate being sprayed. 

Our 6 metre long, 4 metre wide Thermal Spray facility can apply a comprehensive list of coating materials depending on the requirement. Zinc and Aluminium can be applied to provide protection from wear and corrosion, copper alloys for anti-sparking requirements and 28E Arctec. An Aluminium based coating, suitable for non-slip applications. We use a twin arc spray, which has low thermal loading on the substrate, avoiding the risk of distortion.                   

 Wet Spray 

At Portsmouth Aviation, we offer all aspects of wet spray paint finishes, from industrial to marine and specialise in defence and aerospace coatings.


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