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Product Safety management systems

An effective product safety management system embraces a product through life. Our experience in implementing safety management systems for land, sea or aviation products ensures physical and functional safety of your products.

Leveraging our years of experience in the land, sea and aviation industries, we can help your organisation design a bespoke safety management system that is responsive to your particular needs.

A strong safety management system will define, document and communicate roles, responsibilities and authorities. This facilitates a safety-conscious corporate culture, which encourages the whole team to take responsibility and strive for continuous improvement.

Bespoke safety management solutions

We are committed to delivering the highest level of service. We deliver:

Insight and information

Make informed decisions during the design process and reduce the likelihood of your product initiating accidents or incidents.


Our safety management methods identify legislation and regulations applicable to your product and determine how to comply with them.


Our skilled and experienced team is regularly assessed, monitored and recorded to ensure their competence.

Bespoke safety management systems

We design bespoke safety management systems that are responsive to your specific needs.

The benefits of our safety management systems

Our safety management system assures that all stakeholders are identified and consulted, and that their views and responsibilities are taken into account when developing and managing risks, processes, audits and documentation. Safety management associations allow us to consult specialist safety organisations for advice, certification, regulation and approval as appropriate. The competence of our team is regularly assessed, monitored and recorded. Our safety management methods identify and access legislation and other requirements applicable to your product and determine how these requirements apply. These techniques and processes identify potential safety hazards, probabilities, risks and accidents ensuring they are properly documented, managed and reduced to a level that is at least tolerable and so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP) prior to the product’s exposure to end-users and maintainers. Our safety management systems will help your organisation to make more informed decisions during the design process and reduce the likelihood of your product initiating accidents or incidents.

Key outputs from our safety management systems

Key outputs of a safety management system include formal safety reports (safety cases/assessments). Based on comprehensive practical experience, we provide expertise in presenting a body of evidence and structured arguments that explore a product’s level of safety and suitability. These reports demonstrate that adequate requirements have been set, testing and analysis have been undertaken, hazards and probabilities have been identified, and controls along with mitigations have been identified and are in place. Documentation control and configuration is correspondingly maintained by our processes.

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