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At Portsmouth Aviation, we maintain teams of experienced and qualified engineers who work closely with our customers to develop new products for sectors including the aviation, marine and CBRN industries, which meet their exact requirements.

Historically, we’ve worked with both the civilian and military aviation and aerospace sectors to create fresh, successful solutions to contemporary engineering challenges. This is only possible due to a tested and refined product development process that relies heavily on close collaboration with each and every customer.

Tailored product development services

We are committed to providing the highest level of service. We deliver:


Our tested and refined product development process relies on close collaboration with our customers.

Bespoke solutions

We provide tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements, budget, and timeline.

In-house experts

Our team of experts can handle the entire process in-house, saving time and costs.


We have a wealth of experience in every aspect of the product development process.

Bespoke solutions that meet your needs

Our product development strategy places a heavy emphasis on establishing your parameters for success. Initial meetings will be used to determine the specific nature of your challenge, as well as the financial and time constraints you wish to operate within. We work hard to digest and fully understand your specific requirements, so that we can plan and deliver a fully compliant product. Our team of experienced engineers will then be able to approach the product development process in a way that meets your needs.

New product development

Once our engineers have assessed the feasibility of the project within the agreed parameters, work will begin on the designing of prototypes. At Portsmouth Aviation, we retain a wide spectrum of in-house experts, ensuring we’re able to handle the entire product development process without having to bring in outside help. This allows us to cut both development times and costs – savings which we pass on to our customers. From initial designs to releasing a fully qualified product, we’ll ensure that the entire product development lifecycle is handled by a dedicated team of design professionals who understand and appreciate your needs. You’re in safe, experienced hands with Portsmouth Aviation.

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    In March 2019, we achieved the SC21 Bronze Performance Award.

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    In 2019, we were accredited by the National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) for the anodise metal treatment process.

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    We recently completed a programme of work with the UK MoD to clear the Mk11 Depth Charge for flight. 

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