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Engineering Computer Aided Design (CAD) services

Here at Portsmouth Aviation, engineering CAD is key to our technical services offering. Our in-house team of design engineers work on every new project to ensure our products and engineering solutions meet your precise requirements and specifications.

Providing a tailored service and bespoke products is an essential part of what we do. That means working closely with our customers to establish exactly what you need from your product before leveraging all the professional expertise and experience at our disposal to design a solution that fulfils your criteria.

Bespoke CAD services

At Portsmouth Aviation, we are committed to providing the highest level of service. We deliver:

In-house team

Our in-house design engineers are skilled, experienced, and qualified.

Tailored solutions

We design solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Experience and expertise

We've perfected our design process over a number of decades.

Cost-effective service

Our advanced CAD software allows us to quick and efficiently create cost-effective options.

SolidWorks design

Our design process has matured, improved and proven itself over a number of decades. It’s a process that we’re always updating and reshaping in order to accommodate new technologies, techniques and processes. Today, it’s based heavily on advanced CAD software, allowing us to create concepts in a quicker, more efficient and cost-friendly manner than ever before.

Creating bespoke products that meet your specific requirements

At the heart of our engineering design process is a commitment to creating bespoke products that constitute complete solutions to your specific . In other words, our professional design engineering team builds the missing pieces of your business. We use a product data management (PDM) system to manage product data and process-related information in a single central system. This information includes computer-aided design (CAD) data, models, parts information, manufacturing instructions, requirements, notes and documents. Providing a one-stop solution for secure data management, process enablement and configuration management, the PDM system is accessible by multiple applications and multiple teams across our organisation and supports business-specific needs. PDM improves productivity, reduces development errors and costs, provides visibility for better business decision-making and facilitates collaboration between our engineering teams

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