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We provide high quality shot blasting services at our purpose-built facility based in Hampshire.

Our shot blasting services are the ideal solution for those that want to clean and prime surfaces for subsequent treatment, such as painting or powder coating. To ensure maximum durability, shot blasting should be carried out prior to the painting or powder coating process.

Effective shot blasting includes removing rust, previous paint coating and mill scale to ensure the metal surface is completely bare. This is beneficial as it removes the need to use harsh chemicals that have an impact on the environment.

With our 6 metre long and 3.5 metre wide shot blasting unit on site, we are capable of superb metal cleaning and high-quality preparation for any subsequent metal finishing coatings such as Thermal Spray, Wet Spray Painting or various wet paint finishes. With surface profile inspections and comparator checks, we can ensure all work is completed to the required specification.

If you’re looking for professional and reliable shot blasting services, get in touch with Portsmouth Aviation today.

Facilities at Portsmouth Aviation

Why choose Portsmouth Aviation for shot blasting services?

  • Highly experienced and professional team: We have a team of specialists in-house, with over 40 years experience, who are dedicated to providing shot blasting services of the highest quality.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and facilities: We’ve recently invested heavily into the surface preparation section of our business. We have a new 6m Abrasive Blasting and Thermal Spray facility which will allow us to protect and extend the life of any part, regardless of shape or size. 
  • Extensive capacity: We are equipped to shot blast using a variety of different abrasive mediums, such as chilled iron and aluminium oxide. For larger components, our shot blasting capabilities offer substantial speed and cost effectiveness over traditional cleaning methods.

What is the shot blasting process?

Shot blasting involves blasting abrasive media at a very high velocity onto a metal substrate. The purpose of this is to achieve a clean, abraded surface, which is prepped, ready to receive a subsequent coating. The cleanliness of the media is imperative to ensure you do not introduce contamination under your finished coating.

Benefits of shot blasting

  • Efficiently cleans surfaces leaving an abraded white metal profile
  • Surfaces are primed for coatings
  • Rust, mil scale, contamination and unwanted paint coatings are removed
  • An eco-friendly method that does not require harsh chemicals

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