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The largest and best-equipped metal coating and treatment facility in the South.

At Portsmouth Aviation we pride ourselves in producing a high standard of metal finishing processes for over 60 years. This is ranging from electroplating to chemical conversions and many more in between. We have one of the largest metal finishing facilities on the South Coast which has the capability to process a large quantity of products.

We believe in having a quick turn around of work to meet our customer’s needs. This includes a minimum of 7 working days and within this time frame we can ensure that our customers products are being efficiently processed with a high standard of care and quality. 

High quality metal coating services

We are committed to providing the highest level of metal coating services whilst running comprehensive in-house testing on all of our products to ensure that all components are anodized, coated and treated to your precise specifications.

Our services include:

  • Sulphuric Anodising: Is typically 8 – 15µm thick. It is used for its anti-corrosion properties when additional durability is required. Sulphuric anodising leaves a clear silver coloured finish unless dying is required.
  • Anodising with black dye & dichromate seal: These colour dyes are used after sulphuric anodising giving the part a superior visual finish
  • Chromic Anodising: Was the original method of anodising and is sometimes referred to as the Bengough-Stuart process. Chromic acid anodising can produce films up to 5 µm. Chromic acid anodising produces films that are considerably more grey than sulphuric anodising and mainly used for castings.
  • ALOCROM 1200: Is a rapid non-electrolytic dip process which forms a protective iridescent golden coloured chromate coating on aluminium and its alloys. It works as a great adhesive pre-treatment for painted products 
  • Nitric Acid & Dichromate Passivation: The stainless-steel passivation process removes all surface impurities and stimulates the development of an oxide film which protects the component from rust and corrosion.
  • Nitric Acid Passivation: Nitric is the traditional acid used to passivate stainless steel and is widely accepted by most industries. It is a very effective acid but can remove some of the parent metal.
  • Brush Chemidize 800: This brush method is to locally treat metal surfaces to increase the corrosion resistance thereof or to increase the adhesion of subsequent coatings. 
  • Heat Treating: This process is used to stress relieve or de-embrittle high tensile steels. It reduces brittleness and hardness but improves the tensile strength of steel.
  • Non-Destructive Testing: (NDT) is a testing and analysis technique used by industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component, structure or system for characteristic differences or welding defects and discontinuities without causing damage to the original part.
  • Salt Spray Testing: During salt spray testing, an accelerated corrosive attack is produced in order to better predict how well the coating protects the metal/alloys. Salt spray testing is typically used to produce quick comparisons between expected and actual corrosion resistance.




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