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CNC machining services

At Portsmouth Aviation, we’ve invested more than £5million over the past five years to ensure that our CNC machining equipment enables us to realise designs in the most efficient and accurate manner possible. Through process inspection technology, our CNC machinery facilitates ‘zero defect’ practices, encouraging ‘right first time’ and eliminating costly rework or scrappage. This reduces manufacturing time, increases our production capabilities and, ultimately, results in a more cost-effective service.

CNC Machining

We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of service. We deliver:

State-of-the-art equipment

We've invested £5million in our CNC machining equipment over the past five years.

Process inspection technology

Zero defect practices eliminate costly rework and scrappage.

Experienced team

Our team is highly skilled and experienced.

In-house services

We deliver the majority of our services in-house, optimising quality and control

Types of CNC machine

Currently, we operate 20 CNC mills, four of which boast simultaneous five-axis capability and the remaining 16 of which benefit from three-axis capability. On top of this, our CNC machine shop also features 14 CNC lathes. Three of these are equipped with five-axis capability and the other 11 with three-axis capability. We have the technology needed to convert three-axis to four-axis, in order to optimise productivity and efficiency

State-of-the-art CNC machinery

Zero point clamping systems

The use of zero point clamping systems with our CNC machines allows us to position precision piece work quickly and efficiently, enabling precision work piece positing and clamping in a single step, scaling up our production capacity, reducing set up time and ensuring uniform interface across all machine centres.

Lights-out manufacturing

With our CNC machining, we also maintain some lights-out operational capacity. A number of our machine centres have been equipped with pallet loaders to reduce the reliance on human employees, improve our production capacity and reduce manufacturing costs.

In-process inspection

Our in-process inspection technologies are designed to reduce downtime, limit scrap and increase productivity. By investing in Mazak Integrex technology, we’re benefitting from a platform that offers unmatched speed, accuracy, functionality and ergonomics in virtually every type of metalworking application.

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