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At Portsmouth Aviation, we worked hard to develop our reputation within the aerospace and aviation industries.

By putting our unique integrated manufacturing capabilities and dedication to customer focus at the disposal of some of the most successful organisations around the world, we’ve become a major player in the aviation engineering field.

Our products find applications across the aviation industry and have been adopted by both civil and military aerospace organisations. In large part, this is due to our ability to provide a value-added service; high quality components and products, at competitive rates, on time and with complete accuracy.

Bespoke aviation engineering solutions

At Portsmouth Aviation, we are committed to providing the highest level of service. We deliver:

A value-added service

We provide high quality components at competitive rates, with complete accuracy.

In-house operations

Wherever possible, we work in-house. When processes are outside our capabilities, we manage an efficient, approved supply chain.

Bespoke solutions

We produce bespoke aviation engineering products to exact specifications, within a short timeframe.


We have a wealth of experience in the aviation and aerospace sectors.

Aerospace and aviation engineering

Skilled and experienced in-house engineers

We operate in-house operations whenever possible, and manage an efficient and approved supply chain when processes required by our customers are outside our capabilities. Either way, all of our aerospace and aviation engineering processes – from design through to production and testing – are carried out by talented and professional engineers.


Aviation manufacturing

Our manufacturing methods ensure that we’re able to produce bespoke aviation engineering products to exacting specifications within a remarkably short window. This allows us to provide businesses with the components they need quicker, more efficiently and with skill and precision. Whether it’s working to provide the defence sector with large quantities of components in the military aerospace industry or facilitating the manufacture of a small production run for a civil aviation application, we have the expertise, experience and technological capacity to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

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