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More than 90 years of precision engineering

At Portsmouth Aviation, we have more than six decades of experience providing precision engineering services to clients that operate in remarkably diverse and distinct industries. Our ability to provide these organisations with precision engineered products that meet their exacting demands has resulted in our business becoming one of the most respected and successful precision engineering businesses in the country.

Innovative manufacturing and engineering solutions

At the very heart of our business is a desire to progress, innovate and excel. We believe in our ability to provide customers with precision engineering services that offer them a market-leading product at a cost-effective price. Strong working relationships with the UK Ministry of Defence, the wider defence sector and the aerospace industry have ensured that we’ve always operated at the edge of what is thought possible and repeatedly demonstrated that such a boundary can be pushed back. Today, we leverage this unique experience and expertise to provide precision engineering services to a diverse array of commercial customers.

Precision manufacturing for the 21st century

Of course, modern manufacturing technology also plays a significant role in determining our ability to deliver compliant products. We’ve invested heavily in cutting-edge CNC machinery and prioritised the development of comprehensive in-process and lights-out technologies. It is these devices that allow us to find new efficiencies, cut manufacturing time, improve accuracy and reduce costs for the customer. At Portsmouth Aviation, we understand that modern precision engineering stands still for nobody. That’s why we strive for ceaseless innovation and refuse to settle for anything less than excellence.

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