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Due to its lightweight but remarkably robust nature, plastic flight cases remain one of the most effective means of protecting equipment from harsh environmental conditions and transport-related damage.

Well-suited to a wide variety of uses, our plastic flight cases are often employed to guarantee the safe storage and transportation of delicate electronic devices, musical instruments, sports equipment, military kit and industrial components.

Plastic Flight Case Features

We are committed to delivering the highest level of service. We deliver:

Bespoke products

Our cases can be made to transport electronic devices, musical instruments, sports equipment, military kit, and more.

Advanced features

Additional features can be applied for enhanced protection, including watertight seals and pressure release valves.

In-house delivery

In-house delivery for ultimate quality and control.

Cost-effective solutions

High-quality, cost-effective bespoke packaging solutions

Plastic transit cases that perform

Our durable plastic flight cases are typically manufactured from copolymer polypropylene and benefit from an open cell core and solid wall construction. This guarantees that they’re both lightweight and strong. The inclusion of moulded fins, as well as the flexible nature of the material, ensures that any impact is dispersed evenly across the structure, keeping the contents safe and undamaged. Stainless steel pins are used at the hinges and handles, while our double-step latches offer complete security.

Bespoke solutions

We have extensive in-house capabilities. This means that you can add optional additional features, such as a watertight seal that protects the contents of the transit case from any liquid damage and a pressure release valve that ensures the transit case can be opened, even after drastic changes in pressure.

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