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With over 40 years of packaging experience and expertise under our belts, we believe we’re well qualified to help you make an informed decision as to which packaging material will best protect your product.

Recognising that each packing material has particular properties, qualities and characteristics, we’ll ensure that our designs meet your specific requirements. Our packaging materials can be personalised with printed names, logos, warnings, shipping symbols and handling instructions. Flexo print and stencilling options are also available.

Bespoke packaging solutions

We are committed to delivering the highest level of service. We deliver:

Experience and expertise

We have over 40 years of packaging experience and expertise.

Tailored solutions

We'll ensure our designs meet your specific requirements.


We offer a huge range of packing options, including card, fibreboard, timber, and metal.

Cost-effective solutions

High-quality, cost-effective product packaging tailored to a range of applications

Types of packaging materials


We manufacture containers and packaging from a wide range of metals, making informed decisions as to which is the preferred packing material based on your organisation’s needs. From simple, cylindrical screw-top containers to complex armament containers we’re able to ensure that our packaging meets the highest standards. Cutting edge CAD and CAM software is used to ensure accuracy throughout the design process and any internal furniture is crafted to a precise fit, maximising protection and minimising risk. Whether it’s fabricated moulds, fibreboard partitions or CNC routed foam, , saving our clients both time and money. Our metal containers can also be painted in various colours and individualised with stencilling and any combination of locks, handles and hinges.


At Portsmouth Aviation, we’ve developed and manufactured high-quality timber and plywood crates, cases and boxes for over 40 years. Though other stronger materials have emerged, timber remains a firm favourite amongst many of our clients and a key material for export packaging. All of our timber is heat treated to meet ISPM 15 standards for international trade. Fitted with custom internal furniture made from foam, fireboard or MDF, our timber storage solutions are versatile, affordable and offer plenty of protection. We also maintain in-house facilities that facilitate painting, liverying, marking and stencilling.

Card and fibreboard

Ranging from light card to corrugated board, we manufacture a diverse array of card and fibreboard packaging solutions to meet your every need. With the capacity to create packaging in many different weights, flutes and specifications, we operate a production line that can process anything from a single unit to large-scale production runs. All of our card and fibreboard is sustainably sourced and, wherever possible, manufactured from recycled fibres. Alongside more typical packaging materials, we offer several specialist boards made to meet customer requirements. These are often used to develop bespoke packaging solutions for specific environmental conditions and include wet boards, barrier boards, black conductive ESD and coloured boards.

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