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The cradles and tool trays that act as the internal furniture for our diverse packaging designs are manufactured from a wide range of materials

However, we utilise plastic mouldings, foam, MDF and plywood more frequently due to their unique protective properties. In all cases, we’ll leverage our experience and expertise to advise the client on the most suitable material for their needs.

Cradles – MDF

At Portsmouth Aviation, we also maintain the facilities required to manufacture and supply timber cutting and fabrication, including MDF and plywood panels and inserts for inclusion within our packaging solutions. Due to our economies of scale, we can offer these bespoke products at remarkably competitive rates.

Tool trays - Foam

Foam is used most extensively as internal padding for our tool trays and other packaging solutions. This is due to its excellent impact absorption properties and versatile construction qualities. Polyethylene foams can be easily manipulated to meet various needs, making it ideally suited to customised tool trays. Clean, non-abrasive and elegant, these foams are also resilient to damage and quickly regain their shape after compression. These unique characteristics allow us to reduce the size of our packaging solutions through the inclusion of intelligently designed foam internal furniture. This benefits the client by making their tool trays smaller, lighter and more cost-efficient.

Foam padding

Specific types of foam padding can also be used to meet the needs of certain industries. For instance, foam featuring flame retardant additives is used throughout the defence and aerospace industries, while static dissipative foams protect sensitive equipment from electrostatic discharge.

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