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News Portsmouth Aviation: An NHS Medical Equipment Manufacturer Of Choice

The whole team at Portsmouth Aviation are proud to have designed and manufactured a number of Bedside Chart Trolleys for the NHS. We were approached by the University Hospital Southampton during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic to create the Bedside Chart Trolley’s to support patient care in hospitals.

Our work for the NHS has meant that staff on hospital wards that are experiencing dramatic surges in admission and treatment, have been able to provide critical care efficiently and effectively to those in need. Hospital equipment is relied upon so heavily every day, and has an immense impact on how medical care is provided. With increased pressure on resources and time, hospital staff simply don’t have the time to hunt around for key patient information. Our bedside chart trolleys equipped our key workers to continue providing their critical care allowing patient information to be easily accessible to help save lives.

“During this most challenging period, you very quickly learnt which companies stepped forward and those who did not. Whilst nurses, doctors and support staff worked around the clock providing care for the most vulnerable, it was heartening to know that there were people out there working just as hard to support us.

Portsmouth Aviation understood our needs. They gave the same level of care and attention as we do to our patients. They delivered quality bespoke products, on time, to cost and made in Britain. I only wish other partners were as responsive.”

Asa ThorpeSenior NHS Manager in Charge of Critical Care, Theatres and Anaesthetics

What Is A Bedside Chart Trolley?

A Bedside Chart Trolley is used to support the care of patients in hospitals. It is a critical piece of equipment for all patients, especially the severely unwell, as it stores the patients’ confidential health records which are pivotal in providing the correct care. With large care teams, they play an integral role in providing streamlined care with seamless handovers. Bedside Chart Trolleys are used next to patients’ beds, as a convenient, practical and hygienic storage solution.

The Design and Manufacturing of Medical Equipment

Here at Portsmouth Aviation, we designed and manufactured 30 Bedside Chart Trolleys for use during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As a family business we understand the importance of working together to reach the end goal. Working as a team and having the ability to rely on people is fundamental to success. And that is just how we viewed working with University Hospital Southampton.

As with all of our customers, we placed utmost importance on University Hospital Southampton’s immediate needs, ensuring that as a business partner we not only catered for our customer but also improved their desired product. Whilst being mindful of meeting delivery timescales and cost effectiveness is something that we don’t take lightly.

The Bedside Chart Trolleys are lockable, ensuring the security of sensitive information and items. We also designed them to be easily transportable, so that they can stay with the patient if they need to be moved, avoiding potential errors in care. We created space for storage of smaller medical items and a place to stand patient charts for easy access to information when health professionals are providing care. In times of crisis, this vital piece of equipment offers the ability for staff to provide efficient responsive care to its patients.

Our close-knit team was able to complete the entire design and manufacturing process in house. Sharing expertise with each other across the different aspects of projects allows us to produce market leading quality products. 

Bedside Chart Trolleys manufactured by Portsmouth Aviation for the NHS.

Proud to support the NHS

Each member of the Portsmouth Aviation team is proud to have designed, manufactured and supplied the NHS with 30 Bedside Chart Trolleys. We know that the products we created are being used in areas of hospitals that are experiencing increased admissions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; supporting the care of the critically ill. We designed the Bedside Chart Trolleys in line with the requirements of the health, safety, and environment protection standards; to comply with the CE marking on our manufactured products. We are devoted to meeting the efficiency requirements of our customers, and there is no customer in greater need than our NHS. We completed all manufacturing processes within very limited time constraints. There was no other option, we had to provide for our National Health Service.

NHS services have been pressured for a number of years now; even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, nobody expected the catastrophic events that the pandemic would create. Britain’s healthcare staff have worked tirelessly, honourably, and selflessly over this past year, and we are utterly grateful for their hard work. They have been the backbone to our country saving endless lives, being the reassuring presence in our darkest days.

During these challenging times, there is no greater feeling than helping. Knowing that we at Portsmouth Aviation were trusted as a manufacturer of choice by University Hospital Southampton is honourable to us. Putting our passion for design and production to such a good cause has given us even more drive and eagerness to explore how we can help other industries. In our 90 years of business, we have grown our capabilities in technology, precision, and environmental solutions, making the work we do innovative. We are extremely proud of each member of our team and can’t think of a better industry to support than our humble NHS!

If you’d like to learn more about the services we offer and the work we do, please get in touch.