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Case Study Case Study | UK MoD

We recently completed a programme of work with the UK MoD to clear the Mk11 Depth Charge for flight.

The MoD initially approached us with an urgent requirement to provide certification for the Mk11 Depth Charge to allow flight trials on the Wild Cat’s new Weapon Wing.

Our approach

Within a limited timeframe, we were able to trawl the archives for relevant information, which was then analysed by our Stress, Aeronautical and Safety experts. The information was consolidated in a number of Safety Assessments, which underpinned the recommendations and limitations provided in the Certificates of Design. This allowed the MoD to proceed with its trials.

The Design Approved Organisation Scheme (DAOS)

One of the Four Pillars of Airworthiness is the use of competent organisations. The Design Approved Organisation Scheme (DAOS) is a mechanism through which the competence of design organisations can be assured. As a DAOS approved organisation, we have conducted programmes of work to provide Clearance for Flight for a range of equipment, both new and old. As part of the work to clear equipment for flight, we are able to take on the responsibility for the equipment’s design and become the Design Organisation, allowing us to provide the necessary certification.