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Portsmouth Aviation has provided high-quality metal finishing services for more than 60 years. We boast one of the largest and best-equipped facilities on the south coast.

Our metal finishing solutions range from anodising, coating, treating or painting your elements to your precise specifications. We provide full testing and inspection with every project.

If you’re looking for professional and reliable metal finishing services, get in touch with Portsmouth Aviation today.

Metal finishing solutions

Why choose Portsmouth Aviation for metal finishing services?

  • Highly experienced team of professionals: Our team of in-house metal finishing specialists have a over 90 years of experience in a range of sectors including defence, industrial, marine and aerospace. Our quality control procedures ensure the highest level of service for our customers.
  • Extensive capabilities: We have the capacity to provide metal finishing services to parts of all shapes and sizes. We also carry a large stock of standard colours as well as specialist colours, gloss levels and textures. Bespoke finishes can be acquired.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and facilities: We’re proud to have invested in one of the largest and best-equipped metal finishing facilities on the South Coast.
  • High quality results: You can depend on us for metal finishing services that meet and exceed your expectations in terms of both quality and functionality.

Metal finishes we offer

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a metal finishing solution used to provide a hard, protective finish that is highly resistant to scratches, chipping, abrasion, chemicals and corrosion. Learn more about powder coating.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is the process of abrading the surface of metal to clean and prime surfaces for subsequent treatment, such as painting or powder coating. Get more information about shot blasting.

Thermal Spray Painting

A thermal spray paint finish will extend the life of your metal components as it protects from corrosion, oxidation, fatigue and high temperatures. Find out more about thermal spray painting.

Wet Spray Painting

Wet spray painting provides an attractive and durable coating to your metal components in a range of different wet paint finishes, from industrial to marine. Read more about wet spray painting.


Typically used on aluminium, anodising is the process for producing thick oxide coatings which protects a metal surface from natural corrosion.


We can use elements, like Zinc and Cadmium, to coat your metal component which provides a thin layer of protection.

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