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CBRN protection equipment

Faced with a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threat, organisations need to immediately accomplish two things. First, to protect personnel from immediate danger and long-term damage. Second, to ensure both individuals and their equipment can continue to operate, safely and securely, in a contaminant-free environment.

Effective CBRN protection equipment

At Portsmouth Aviation, we have extensive experience in the manufacture of effective CBRN protection equipment. From design, development and manufacture, to maintenance and disposal, we utilise all of our considerable expertise to create tried and tested solutions that meet your specific operational needs.

Full military specifications

Our CBRN Filtration Systems are designed and constructed to full military specifications and can be adapted to protect entire operational assets or to provide a citadel compartment. These technologies can also be deployed in vulnerable homeland security installations, such as nuclear power plants and mail sorting offices.

Clean and safe air

Flexible and versatile, our filtration solutions are configured to deliver clean, safe air directly into the protected environment or via an existing air conditioning system. They can also be engineered to suit a variety of airflow and pressure requirements.

Unhardened Collective Protection Systems (UCPS) shelter CBRN systems, and a range of CBRN filters and supporting CBRN protection equipment are also readily available.

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