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At Portsmouth Aviation, our environmental engineering solutions are deployed around the world.

We’re equipped and ready to supply water purification technology in the midst of a humanitarian crisis or to ensure homeland security installations are adequately protected in the event of a Chemical,Biological, Radiological or Nuclear (CBRN) disaster. We’re equipped and ready to find efficient and effective solutions to any challenge you face.

Environmental Engineering

Whether it’s water purification solutions, off-grid energy technology or clean air systems, we design products that comply with the most exacting of standards. Central to this process is a comprehensive understanding of international regulations and an ability to design and develop highly accurate and compliant environmental engineering solutions. In this respect, our long history of collaboration with the UK MoD and the aerospace industry pays dividends.

Skilled and experienced engineers

Our Engineers boast considerable experience and benefit from access to cutting-edge design and manufacturing technology. From CAD/CAM software to CNC machinery, our specialists can leverage a diverse array of tools in their attempt to create bespoke engineering solutions that meet your precise requirements.

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