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At Portsmouth Aviation, corporate responsibility plays a key role in how we go about carrying out our operations.

Not only does our corporate responsibility policy ensure that we balance the demands of a profitable enterprise with the needs of our employees, partners, shareholders and the local communities within which we operate, it also creates a more stable future for our business.

A healthy approach to corporate responsibility involves safeguarding our employees by implementing safe working systems, providing opportunities for the local community with apprenticeship schemes and furthering the skills of our staff by offering comprehensive training programmes.

Ultimately, our corporate responsibility policy works to foster relationships built on transparency and trust. We believe that fulfilling our responsibilities to those individuals and groups that make our business viable is a key priority. Consequently, we’re continuously setting goals, monitoring our progress and searching for ways to improve our organisation and work processes.
We also work to support a number of charities, raising funds throughout the year. We have recently supported Rowans Hospice, a cause close to our hearts.

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