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Portsmouth Aviation Ltd is proud to announce our strategic partnership with SafeHack UK Ltd. SafeHack UK are a cyber security consulting firm who have worked with SME’s across the country to reduce data loss and improve cyber security.
We recognise that cyber security is an ever present threat for all businesses. By working together with SafeHack UK we hope to raise awareness, limit cyber-attacks and reduce data loss for all businesses we engage with. Partnering with SafeHack UK enables us to support them to reach a wider industry audience and use some of the techniques they have perfected working with our company.

Both Portsmouth Aviation and SafeHack UK are dedicated to making business safer and more secure. It is imperative that for business to thrive we can communicate in a secure manner and trust the information we are sent.

We look forward to working together with both SafeHack UK and the wider business community. More information can be found at http://safehackuk.com or on our cyber security link above.


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