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Engineering excellence. From design to production, we’re at your side every step of the way.

In the modern marketplace, businesses rarely work alone. Whether it’s sourcing components, facilitating the transportation of goods, or developing digital software solutions, organisations operate at the centre of a complex, interconnected and inter-dependent economic eco-system. As a result, your choice of business partner plays a major role in determining the extent of your success.

At Portsmouth Aviation, we understand the commercial pressures faced by most businesses. There is always the expectation to do more with less, to find and exploit new efficiencies, and to operate according to increasingly tight schedules.

Our focus on our customers’ immediate needs has allowed us to position ourselves as the business partner that improves your products and services, delivers on time and provides a cost-effective and complete solution to your manufacturing challenges and new product introduction (NPI).

Refreshingly straightforward approach to working relationships and a pool of expert, experienced professionals.

We’ve made a concerted effort to ensure that the entire manufacturing process – from design to production – is completed in-house. This allows us to provide our clients and partners with a comprehensive solution for their manufacturing needs and minimises the time required to complete a project, as well as reducing costs and eradicating inaccuracies and errors in production.

From our cutting-edge CAD design capability to our purpose-built test facilities, we manage every step of the process, including manufacturing, Our experienced team of engineers an established track record of delivering high-quality solutions across the full spectrum of manufacturing methods.


Portsmouth Aviation – Business, partner, employer

At Portsmouth Aviation, we recognise that we’re more than just a business – we’re a partner to a diverse array of organisations national and international, as well an important employer in the local community. We don’t shy away from these responsibilities.

We’ve invested heavily in building a workplace culture that prioritises creative relationships with our customers and partners. At the heart of this practice is an emphasis on close communication, mutual respect and an innovative approach to problem-solving. We understand that many businesses rely heavily on our ability to on time and to precise specifications. We always aim to meet these expectations and fulfil our obligations.

We want our employees to know that there’s a future with us.

We’ve devoted considerable resources to building a well-skilled and motivated workforce. As a family-owned business, we’ve always attempted to foster a sense of community and belonging. Approximately 10% of our staff are in funded full-time education and we take on three or four new apprentices each year. Over the last few years, the business has repeatedly made it through to the regional finals for PETA’s Apprentice of the Year. Our £100,000 annual training and development budget is used to support our 200 employees and facilitate their personal and professional development.

Of course, we benefit from this approach too. An organisation that encourages its employees to learn, grow and progress reaps the benefits of a more creative and innovative workforce.

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Simon Escott

Managing Director

Graham Knight

General Manager

Andy Hall

Company Secretary

Chris Webb

Technical Director

Andy Bowles

Supply Chain Director

Giles Mason

Head of Business Strategy & Improvement

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